Remember that project I said I was working on with my former teacher?…

It was a total success. The websites went viral last night and the news has even reached Limited Brands, the corporate owner of Victoria’s Secret. If you haven’t already seen the fake website, here it is. 


this is actually a very bad thing so stop it

the sexualization of consent is gross

profiting off of assault is gross



She’s not trying to profit off of assault, she’s changing those dumb panties from the pink line to be something a little more positive.
God people on this site are ridiculous

no, this is really awful

this is the sexualization of consent, because apparently it isn’t enough to say “don’t rape” 

this is taking the issue of rape, something that affects women by a large majority, and turning it into body parts instead of people

there is a way to talk about consent, and there’s a way to do it so that it will reach a more mainstream, young audience. panties are not the way to do it. 

this is wildly inappropriate. 

As a sexual assault survivor, I’d rather see this on underwear then overly sexual comments. I mean, I can’t speak for everyone but I’m seeing a lot of really positive feedback to this and I personally think it’s a good idea, but that doesn’t matter because its not even a real thing, and she’s not profiting off of it.

Many people have totally lost what this means. I was apart of this and I’m very proud to do so. No one’s profiting off of this movement, its purely to mock VS PINK underwear that have very awkward sayings on them that say a false consent. Consent is sexy, and it’s a beautiful thing to have a young girl wear underwear say “ASK FIRST” then “NO MEANS YES”. For more information go to PinkLovesConsent.com 

explain to me why consent has to be sexy

why does it have to be sexualized instead of just fucking mandatory

how fucked up is that consent has to be sexy for it to be important

why should i have to sexualize my no for someone to take it seriously

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    Consensual is sexy.
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    I don’t see a problem with this either. They’re cute, even for VS stuff.
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    "How dare anyone promote consent in a way that I personally don’t approve of. My opinion is law you’re all filthy...
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    It is sexualizing consent though. On one pair of panties, not pictured in this photoset, there is a pair saying “consent...
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    I personally love this. Yes, it is sort of sexualizing consent, but consent is a part of sex. And I think even silly...
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    uhm excuse me but when did regular panties without any erotic features turn into something sexual i have a pair of...
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    bolded mine. sexualisation of consent is gross.
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    consent isn’t sexy. that’s the whole fucking point of asking for consent - it’s supposed to be about letting people make...
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    As a sexual assault survivor, I really don’t see a problem with this. I don’t see it as sexualising consent or rape...
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    How could you think this is a bad thing?!?! You people are ridiculous! This is a great thing. Better than those panties...
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    Many people have totally lost what this means. I was apart of this and I’m very proud to do so. No one’s profiting off...